The Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District has been formed and organized for the purpose of enhancing the friendliness, beautification, safety, cleanliness, hospitality, and marketing of Downtown Harrisburg.

Our existence can be credited to the vision of Harrisburg Mayor, Stephen R. Reed. Following a study by a Mayoral task force in 1997, Mayor Reed appointed a 45-member, business-led steering committee in 1998. The decisions and recommendations of that steering committee resulted in the formation of the DID.

Incorporated in 1999, by property and business owners, the intent of the DID is to supplement existing municipal services, strengthen Downtown Harrisburg’s competitive edge as a regional employment center, entertainment district and primary visitor destination. Upon renewal in 2004, the organization became a 501 (c) 3.

The Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors representing a wide cross section of Harrisburg’s leaders in business, labor, education, and cultural and health care institutions.

It is our intent to engage property owners, businesses, tenants, and other stakeholders to retain the economic and real estate viability of the Downtown Improvement District area so that it can successfully compete as an attractive location in which to live, visit, shop, work, dine and play.

To that extent the DID maintains the Downtown Visitor’s Information Center, publishes several printed materials, including a comprehensive map of downtown and produces events such as an outdoor summer concert series, spring beautification projects and holiday celebrations.