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All You Need To Know About Ants

All You Need To Know About Ants

Of the many household pests we have, the ant is the most common and over the millennia, this hardy little insect has evolved into a tough creature that can withstand most things. Millions of ants all have a common goal, which is the well-being of the colony, and there are different roles within the nest. Some lay eggs, while others protect the colony from other insects. 

Main Species Of Ants

While there are more than 100 ant species in Australia, for example, the following are common in homes:

  • Argentine Ant – Does not swarm, but does bite.
  • Black House Ant – Attracted to animal faeces and sweet foods.
  • Bull Ant – Can be red or black. These guys are very aggressive when disturbed.
  • Carpenters Ant – It lives on dead skin and other insects.
  • Flying Ants – These can come from any location and send out scouts to look for new locations.
  • Fire Ant – This specie destroys crops and is very aggressive.
  • Garden Ant – Doesn’t bite and is reasonably placid.
  • Odorous House Ant – It produces a coconut smell when crushed, hence the name.
  • Pavement Ant – This is found near water in the spring and summer.
  • Sugar Ant – Rarely nests in houses.

As you would expect, species have their own set of behaviours and when looking at Sunshine Coast pest control estimate cost or the price of pest control in your city, you will find that the specialists offer their services at reasonable rates. Check online reviews to ensure that you will be hiring a pest control firm that will ensure the 100% extermination of the nest, including the multiple queens that lay the eggs.

Species Identification

When you call in a pest control technician, the first thing they do is identify the species and this enables them to prepare the best form of attack on the colony.

Food Source

In order for a colony of ants to establish itself in your home, there needs to a reliable source of food; a dirty kitchen would do fine! These insects are drawn to sweet materials but will chow down on just about anything. We all know not to leave out sugar, but if you don’t clean under kitchen appliances; this alone is reason enough to attract ants.

Professional Pest Control

In the event you discover ants in your home, rather than applying a home fix, you should call in a pest control expert who has seen it all and can deal with all forms of household pests. It is critical that the treatment reaches the multiple queens that lay eggs and the only way to do that is use a professional pest control company.

We have coexisted with ants since time began and if you notice a line crawling along your floor, this is a sign that they are setting up home in your home. Standing on them only serves to lower their numbers and the queens will work harder to bring the numbers back up. Avoid a DIY fix and call in a local pest control technician who can quickly identify the culprit and prepare the best treatment, and that goes for any other household pest you might encounter in your home.

4 Likely Places You Will Find Scrap Metal In Your Home

Where To Find Scrap Metal In Your Home

Everything has value, even a discarded beer can or an old plastic bag. We all are surrounded by items of value that we no longer need. If you are in need of some extra cash, it is quite likely that you’ve got some scrap metal somewhere on your property. In this article, we point out the most likely places where you will find scrap metal of some sort. 


You might be surprised to hear that your bedroom is right up there at the top of the list; namely scrap jewellery that most people have. The word scrap doesn’t do this justice. However, if you have an old gold chain and a few rings that you will never wear again, that is called scrap jewellery and can be worth a lot of money. Of course, we aren’t including family heirlooms or pieces with sentimental value. They should be treasured and passed on to your kids.


That old petrol lawnmower that’s been under the tarp for a few years is most definitely of value as scrap metal. If you have the means, you could take it apart and see what metals you have, although the easiest way is to ask your local scrap metal collection for cash in Sydney to pop round and take it off your hands. Old tools can also be traded in for cash. Old garden furniture and kid’s bikes are all things the scrap dealer will buy.


This is a great place to put something that you don’t really use. Before you know it, you have forgotten all about it. That steel stair gate is no longer needed as the kids have grown and you might bump into your old fishing gear that hasn’t seen you in years. Take a flashlight and the greatest care when walking on the joists and you will probably leave with at least one item.

Spare Room

Old appliances and IT hardware are likely to be found hiding in the spare bedroom. As no one uses it, this room is a favourite place to stash unwanted items. Next time you are passing, take a look at what is in your spare room, and you might be surprised. If you have some copper, Austick Copper Recycling yard in Sydney NSW is the place to contact and they can send someone to pay you top price for your scrap copper. 

Recycling all of your scrap metal will reduce your carbon footprint, plus you’ll have a few more dollars to spend on car add-ons or fishing gear. Make sure you search online for the nearest scrap metal yard. They would be happy to pay you a visit and hand you some dollars for your scrap metal. Make it an annual thing and you will be surprised at what you encounter when you search the above locations, and your home will also be de-cluttered in the process.

Why Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Pest Control

Why Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Pest Control

We all know how important the annual spring clean is, to keep our living space fresh and clean. However, you might not know that this is also the time to carry out proactive steps to deter the summer pests. Ask any seasoned homeowner and they will tell you that doubling up on tasks is cost-effective. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do when carrying out the annual spring clean. 

Spray Pesticide

This should be done when all of the furniture is out of the room and calling the pest control company is the best way to ensure safe pest protection. Most homeowners have their property checked by a pest control firm and there’s no better time than the spring clean to do this. The professionals use chemicals that are not dangerous and in the right quantity, which is important. An overkill rarely results in success.

Remove Moisture

Moisture is an attraction for pests. Cleaning all the corners, ceiling and floor lines, removing excess dampness is a must. When clearing out the spare room, open the windows and leave the door open to circulate the air, which removes any odour. While there are a few pests that prefer a dry atmosphere, most thrive in moist and humid conditions.

Seal Up Gaps

A good quality masking tape will be the job and removing access is often enough to make mice look for a new home. Any hole or opening that you see should somehow be blocked and when doing the deep clean, you will clearly see any gaps.


Ideally, you are able to get under major appliances like the fridge and cooker, where small particles of food gather, which is an advert for a family of mice, who would likely move in. If you use your local pest control company, they would apply chemicals to prevent the presence of a wide range of pests. You would also now have a nice clean kitchen.

Don’t Forget Outside

Check that there are no food scraps outside the home. If you grow vegetables, make sure you have a firm lid on your compost bin, as this would attract a range of creatures. Old timber could be considered food for many insects and a thorough inspection of the exterior is advised. If there’s old timber, you can book in termite inspections Sunshine Coast companies are offering. They will check for any termite infestation and offer you the right solution.

Limit Storage Space

When you have lots of furniture, a couple of bikes and 3 years of magazines all in the spare room, this provides excellent hiding places and shelter for some insects. There is probably stuff that you are in two minds about keeping, in which case, find another home for them, as this reduces structure that pests can make use of.

As we move into the spring, we are approaching the perfect time to do a thorough clean at home. Employ the above to deter any creature that is looking for a new home.

What You Need To Consider Before Starting A Building Project In Your Home

What You Need To Consider Before Starting A Building Project In Your Home

When you are looking to start a building project in your home, there are many things that you will need to sort out to make the job go smoothly. Whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring someone to do it, you will need to arrange materials, access, inspections, and other factors, which can also help speed the job up. Below are some of the various factors you need to consider that can help your job go smoothly without any hiccups or problems getting in the way. 

Create Yourself A Workplan 

One of the first things you will need to do is create a plan of the work you are going to do. You will want to include the materials and tools you will need in your plan, and the timeframe you want to complete the work. You do not have to make the plan strict, and it should be adaptable as circumstances change. However, having a plan to work from allows everyone to know where you are up to and what is required to move the project forward.

Getting The Materials You Need 

Start sourcing the materials you will require to complete your job, and it is worth shopping around. You can often make excellent savings when you take your time and shop around as many suppliers as possible, and you can do this well in advance of your project starting. Even when using a professional to do the job for you, it is worth the time and effort to get the materials yourself. Many tradespeople will add at least 10% on the cost of materials to help them make a profit, so you can make a considerable saving by sourcing everything you need yourself.

Making Sure You Have The Correct Tools For The Job 

Ensure you have the correct tools for the job. It’s important to make a list of everything you will need. Once you have your list, you can tick off everything you have already, and your list will be left with everything you will need. You then have two options, and you can either purchase the tools you need or hire them. If you need special tools that you will not use again, it is best to hire them from a reputable company rather than spend the money to purchase them.

Keep On Top Of The Rubbish 

You will also need to hire skip bins to take away all the rubbish that accumulates from your project. When you look at the best skip hire Canberra prices or the ones in your local area, you will notice that it varies. That’s why it pays to shop around and get yourself the best deal. Hire a company that can send a new skip within 24 hours’ notice, so you never have to worry about your skip getting full.

Creating a plan, shopping around for tools and materials, and ensuring flexible plans can help your project go off without a hitch. Make sure you take the time and effort to do this, and you can save money on your project and ensure it causes the least amount of disruption in your home possible.

Some Signs Your Bathroom Is Frighteningly Outdated

Some Signs Your Bathroom Is Frighteningly Outdated

A bathroom can become dated as quickly as a car, or any other modern appliance or furniture. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be an expensive item, just an older one that is no longer used or seen as a quality essential piece.

The main way your bathroom can become outdated is by becoming boring and predictable. After all, isn’t that exactly what you are trying to avoid by adding new bathroom furniture and fixtures? It should make sense that to go with any new change you should put your entire focus on making the change to add an exciting and unique experience. By replacing your current bathroom suite with new and exciting items, you will instantly increase the interest of any visitor or friend who comes into your home. However, it can be easy to get so caught up in the excitement of getting new bathroom furniture and fixtures that we forget about how they will fit into our home, and ultimately into our lives.

Taking Note Of The Changes Needed

Image Source: Unsplash

In order to keep your bathroom stylish and up-to-date, you need to pay attention to every single small detail, such as choosing a suitable colour and paint for your walls, then picking a suitable style of cabinet or stand. Next you need to consider what you want to achieve, whether that be a spa theme or a contemporary look, then choose the products to complement your overall design. Finally, before rushing out to buy anything, consider whether you really need the item in the first place.

There are some clear signs that your bathroom furniture and fittings are out of date, so it’s important to know what to look for and what you should discard. First, if you cannot see anything wrong in your chosen items in the room you are measuring, ask your handy friend to take a look and advise you if there is something obvious that needs replacing. Second, take a quick look around, take note of the colours of all the furniture and cabinets you find, this way you will easily identify the items that look old. In many cases, people tend to choose a style of bathroom furniture that is more timeless, but the fact is, previous styles, especially way before minimalism became a hit, are rarely updated. In fact, those often ostentatious styles will only look worse in a few years’ time. Also, try to avoid buying something highly over-priced, as it will almost certainly be outdated in a few years’ time anyway.

Checking The Furniture & Fittings

Another sign that your bathroom furniture is old is the lack of upgrades or replacement, especially on the fittings. Look for modern versions of the products you love; if you cannot find modern versions of the products you love, then consider hiring a designer to make up the gaps for you. There’s a Weybridge bathroom shop that can help you with almost every aspect in your bathroom designing and if you live miles or more from that area, you can easily locate bathroom designing experts with the help of Google.

Choosing Between Old Or New

It is important to consider whether you actually want new bathroom furniture in the first place. If the old ones still look great, then you can just add a few things to bring the entire look of your bathroom to the modern times. If you love the classic old charm of bathroom designs in the old years, that is not a problem at all. If you do your research properly, then it is entirely possible to create a modern bathroom that still has that old-fashioned charm that many people associate with bathrooms.

Lack Of Space

Finally, one of the signs that your bathroom is frighteningly outdated is the lack of space, especially when you are considering adding an item in your bathroom. Always consider whether you have enough space to accommodate your desired style of furniture. Many people with older style bathrooms opt for conservatories, which allow for extra space in most cases. However, if you are not a fan of the conservatory, then a new bathroom might be your only option. Always try and keep the floor area free, and ensure that there is plenty of light in the bathroom.

If you start longing for a bathroom that not only looks better than what you currently have but also has modern features, then it’s definitely time you start planning the renovation of your bathroom.

Some Of The Most Popular Home DIY Projects For 2021

Popular Home DIY Projects For 2021

The global pandemic saw many people spending more time than usual in their homes. A consequence of this is that the number of DIY jobs people are doing has increased since the pandemic began. If you are sick of the sight of your four walls and need to change things up a bit, you may want to consider doing a DIY project yourself.

Below are some of the most popular DIY projects people are doing in 2021 that may inspire you to make a change in your home.

A Home Office

With so many people working from home due to the pandemic, it has become common to create a home office. By doing so, they will have somewhere comfortable to work while at home. You may have lots of spare room in your home, so all you need is a space and put in a desk, chair, and computer. However, if you need to create some space, the job will be much more significant. You can get everything you require for the job by visiting an Ipswich building materials supplier, or a DIY store in your location, where you can get everything you need to be able to do the job correctly and to a high standard.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One of the most common tasks which people have undertaken at home this year is giving the interior of their home a fresh coat of paint. It is not a massive job doing this, but it is an excellent way to make a significant transformation of your home. You can do the job easily enough yourself, and the only equipment you will need is some paint, brushes, paint cleaner, and some old sheets to protect against paint splatter.

Creating A Garden Bar

Popular Home DIY Projects Image Source: Pixabay

With pubs closed for so long, many people also decided to create a bar in their back gardens. There are many ways to do this, and some people have converted sheds or garages or built something from scratch that has everything they need to enjoy a few drinks in the garden. Some people go the whole hog and add a draught beer dispenser, but not everyone has the budget to do this. Of course, to be able to enjoy your outdoor area, you have to make sure it’s secured by building a fence. Don’t forget to check out the fencing supplies Ipswich or your city offers when you start visiting stores for your garden related needs.

New Flooring For Your Home

It has also proven popular for people to spruce up the flooring of their homes and either get new carpets, add a tile floor, or select wooden flooring. There are many options available from which you can choose, but these can be tricky when doing it yourself and without experience. However, some of the wooden flooring systems you can buy are simple to install with basic DIY knowledge. If you are painting the walls of your home also, ensure that you do this before installing new flooring so that you do not have any accidents and get paint on your new floor.

These are a few of the ways you can spruce up your home this summer that can make a significant impact on the way your home looks and feels. However, there are plenty of other things you can do. Stop putting off those jobs around the house and transform it into a family home.

5 Expert Home Improvement Tips

Home Improvement

The dream of a homeowner is almost always to keep the house clean, environment-friendly, and heavily elegant. A common misconception about home maintenance or improvement is that it involves a lot of money. You can indeed transform your house into a majestic structure with beautiful interiors without spending much if you have proper plans. Making the right decision is crucial to setting up the perfect environment in your house. Plenty of projects are open and available to serve you with options to spruce up the place without squandering away a massive chunk of your earnings. As long as you are ready to set aside some time for the activities, all the renovation works can be completed soon. Let us look at a few expert home improvement tips to build better rooms in your sweet home.

1. Vision Matters

Home Improvement

One of the most important aspects of getting a project finished is the vision you possess about it. Having a good idea about what you want at every corner of the room will help you get it done sooner. You must have a complete picture in your mind before starting with the renovation works.

2. Seal All Gaps

The first thing to pay attention to is the smallest cracks or gaps that we often tend to overlook. These could damage the whole structure; so, it is important to seal these cracks using an adhesive or paint.

3. Use Water-Save Fixtures

Home Improvement

If you want to transform your house into an eco-friendly space, the first step you can take is to install water-saving showerheads and faucets in the toilets and bathrooms. Using a two-button dual-flush toilet is also a great option since it consumes only a fraction of what the usual toilets use. All these options are available in the best styles these days at a low cost.

4. Plant New Flowers

Gardens or rooms can be made more colorful and livelier by adding more flowers. A simple bunch of jasmine or roses can also bring the change to your room. It is always great to have spring at home, even when the colors are fading outside. The flowers have a special ability to elevate the mood of a room.

5. Keep Enough Space in the Storage

Home Improvement

The older the house, the smaller the storage space gets after every renovation. People have this common tendency to reduce the space available in storage rooms to use it in their rooms. This could turn out to be one of the most foolish decisions because you always need enough space in the storeroom to stock all the goods and tools. Closets can be designed to use the available space effectively. Since there is a lot you can do with this small floor area, you must keep checking for the best ways to make the best use of the space. Make sure to give equal importance to all rooms when redesigning or renovating your house.

Creating A Living Area In Your Back Garden

Creating A Living Area Outside Of Your Home

If you do not want to move home but need more usable space, you may wish to consider creating a living room area outside your home, which is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. It is simple to do, and you can do it on almost any budget, depending on the look and feel you want. You can also try creating the space yourself. This way, you will not need the services of an expensive builder or landscape gardener.

Below are some tips to help you make a comfortable living room in your garden to increase your usable space and give you the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Start With The Flooring 

Although you can place furniture on grass, it will soon become a pain when you must move everything to mow the lawn, so you will need a suitable flooring surface. You can add decking to the back garden, set paving slabs, or even use gravel, which will give you a usable area you can use and a level area suitable for furniture. You can get plenty of ideas about the flooring you may wish to consider by looking at the Pinterest website. Once you have your flooring sorted, you can then look at the other aspects which will turn your back garden into a comfortable space to relax and entertain.

add decking to the back garden

Decide On The Furniture For Your Space 

You will also need to decide on the furniture you are going to have outside. There should be a place for everyone to sit down comfortably so you make sure to include a table and enough chairs so you can dine alfresco. There is a wealth of choices available when it comes to outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for a stylish egg chair for sale or some rattan furniture, you will find whatever you want online. Now that you have your flooring and furniture sorted, you will need to think about dressing up the area to increase its aesthetic appeal and comfort level.

Dressing Up Your Space 

There are lots of things that you can do to increase the aesthetic appeal of your back garden and create a comfortable space that will get plenty of use. You can add a fridge outside and a small bar, which will save you from having to go inside for drinks. You can also add some speakers or a television to the outside of your home. The lighting is also a vital aspect for outdoors, and you will want sufficient light so you can see, but not too bright that it is uncomfortable. If it can get chilly at night in the area you live in, you may wish to consider adding a firepit to your back garden, encouraging you to spend more time outside even when it is colder.

create a comfortable space

To finish off the area outside your home, you can add a few flowers or potted plants, which can help add the finishing touches to your new outside space. Once complete, you and your family will have a fantastic looking area in your back garden that will expand your usable space and have you and your family spending much more time outside.

Outdoor Flooring – What Are My Options?

A Guide To The Various Types Of Outdoor Flooring

If you are preparing to move into your new build or are looking to revamp your outdoor living area, there are many options when it comes to flooring. Of course, you want a material that is durable, attractive and easy to maintain and with that in mind, here are some of the popular outdoor flooring materials for you to consider.

Natural Stone

Granite or marble can make for the perfect terrace flooring and while it is costly, natural stone will last a lifetime. Some stones do not retain heat, which is great for those hot summer days and, of course, stone is easy to keep clean.

Man-Made Pavers

Another popular choice, there are unlimited design options with pavers and you can install in wet cement with grouting, or the pavers can be laid on dry and sand cement. Benefits of tiles include easy replacement in the event of damage, plus they are impervious to water and will last for many years. You can clean the floor with a power wash, which will restore the surface to its original condition and effectively removes all types of stains.

Timber Decking

Arguably the most popular of all, especially in Australia, timber decking is elegant and very durable and with a wide choice of species that includes oak, pine, birch and ash. If you would like to view a good selection of timber decking, a simple Google search will help you locate a local timber supplier and most offer free installation. Engineered timber is a cost-effective alternative to solid timber, which is made from a composite core with an outer layer of real timber, which is 3-5mm in thickness.

Timber Decking

Cork Flooring

Although cork is a timber, we feel it differs enough to warrant its own section. This amazing material offers a soft and silent walking experience and with 100% natural cork floor tiles, you won’t have far to go to experience the product in a real-life environment. The cork is harvested in a sustainable way (no trees are harmed in the harvest) and installed in tile form, then a special protective sealant is applied.


Concrete is a very versatile material, with many hand tools that create stunning finishes, while polished concrete is another option and let’s not forget that you are not limited regarding colour. Once you have shuttered up the area, call the ready-mixed concrete supplier and they will deliver the product into the form and after levelling, the floor can be left to set.

Block Paving

Block paving is not limited to driveways, indeed, many patios have block paving incorporated, which looks stunning, especially when using several colours to create a pattern. For a free quote, search online for a block paving specialist and ask them to pay you a home visit, when you can discuss the many options with the technician.

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing exterior flooring, which should be in keeping with the overall look of the property. The above options should be carefully considered.

The Best Automatic Gate Maintenance Guide

Automatic Gate Maintenance

If you have finally decided to replace those old rusty gates with state-of-the-art electric units, there’s a lot to consider. The design needs to be in keeping with the property and there are quite a few opening styles. Once the units are in place, there is the question of maintenance and to make that easy, here is our list of maintenance tasks on a timeline. 


Custom Built Electric Gates 

The first thing to understand; if the gates are designed, fabricated and installed by a leading custom gate company, there’s little that can go wrong. The gates would come with a warranty and the supplier would issue you with full maintenance instructions and are always happy to carry out the maintenance. Every driveway is unique and with varied terrain, it isn’t always possible to have sliding gates; the custom gate company can show you stunning automatic gate designs that they have installed around your neighbourhood. 

Here is our maintenance timeline.

  • Weekly – The tracking often fills up with leaves and twigs and with a soft brush, you can remove most (avoid removing grease or other lubricant). If you have a power wash machine, give the gates a once over on both sides to keep them looking their best. Listen for unusual sounds when the gates are in motion and make sure the tracking is not obstructed in any way.
  • Monthly – A lubricant check is advised, which only needs to a visual inspection; gearing will be enclosed, with its own lubricant and only needs to be checked every 6 months.
  • 3-6 Months – A close inspection of the timber and metal looking for signs of weathering or damage, while also cleaning out the tracking and replacing the grease. Motor oil should be checked and replaced, if necessary, while remote units might require a battery change.
  • Annual – Lubricate and inspect hinges; remove the gear casing (with the power off) and carefully remove the grease, replacing it with the same brand and oil specification. If all this sounds like a little too much, take out a maintenance contract with the gate supplier and they will issue with detailed reports after every visit.

Aside from the above, you should always be observant regarding the gates, noting any change if operating speed and especially laboured sounds coming from the motor. Normal use should be the norm, and should you notice anything, call the gate supplier and they will investigate.

Choosing a Design 

Choose A Gate Design

The leading gate company in your local area surely has hundreds of stunning images of previous projects. When they send a technician to your home, you can both sit down and talk design options. Timber is very popular nowadays, and for good reason. On the other hand, aluminium and stainless steel offer a maintenance free solution. Sliding gates do not require any space behind the opening and if you have the space on one side or the other, sliding is the best option. You might prefer a pair of traditional wrought iron gates that open inwards from the centre; or perhaps an oak 5-bar gate, the list is endless and with a professional installation, this will be a major feature of the property.