Townhouse Vs. Apartment: What Are The Differences?

Townhouse Vs. Apartment: What Are The Differences?

There are many forms of home – from the sprawling mansion right down to the studio flat. In this article, we’ll point out the features and drawbacks of the townhouse and apartment. Of course, people have their preferences and needs, while budget also plays a part in choosing what type of property to invest in.


The townhouse has been around since the end of WW2. Typically 3-storeys, although can be 4 or even 5, townhouses are constructed in rows; anything from 5-25 units on one side of the road, all adjoining, with the exception of the two end units. This is a popular building design in city suburbs, where land prices are high and the townhouse design makes maximum use of a small area. The unit has a front and back garden; a carport is ideal and the rear area can be grassed with a terrace. Indeed, the only thing a townhouse doesn’t have is space at the sides and with 3, 4 or even 5 floors, living space is there in abundance. If you fancy joining the many homeowners who have invested in a Spanish property, there are new Estepona townhouses for sale at prices you can afford. Who wouldn’t like to live in such a beautiful part of the world? 


Ideal for a single person or couple, semi-retired couples like to have a holiday apartment, which they use over the winter. Indeed, many Brits have relocated to warmer climates that you find in Spain, Portugal and the south of France. Apartments are in a large development, with secure parking, and many great amenities such as swimming pool, fitness centre, convenience stores, laundry and even restaurants. Each apartment owner pays a monthly or annual fee for the overall management of the development, which covers ground maintenance and every aspect of property care.

Part Of A Large Building

Apartments can be in blocks or a part of a house. Many owners of large homes renovate and create an apartment that they can rent out. This is especially true in cities where a large property could be divided into 4-6 apartments and when rented, they provide a high revenue.

Investing In A Second Property

Once you can see the end of your mortgage payments on the horizon, this is the time to start looking at a second property. Land prices are insane, which is why many people look further afield. Spain and Portugal are high on the list of preferred locations and with a Google search, you can view townhouses or apartments. You are sure to find a few properties that look great and are in your budget range.

Take a short holiday and tour all the properties on your shortlist and take the next step of the wealth ladder that leads to a very secure and happy retirement. If you prefer to return to your main home country in the summer, you can enjoy top rentals, as this is the high season, then in October, you can return to your second home and enjoy a warm winter.

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