Transform Your Terrace With Decking

Transform Your Terrace With Decking

As we say goodbye to winter and move into spring, our thoughts turn to the garden, the rest and relaxation zone where we can enjoy the summer and if you are looking to revamp your patio, we have a few ideas. Those old pavers are uneven and this would be a good time to replace them with decking, which isn’t a major project, not for someone with your experience and ability. 

Composite Decking

If you love the look and feel of seasoned hardwood, composite decking is for you; there are stunning timber finishes and your garden decking never needs painting. The planks slot together nicely and the material is a dream to work with, plus composite decking is affordable when compared to seasoned timber. Modern solutions mean no maintenance; composite decking is made using recycled materials and will outlast any timber species. Easy to clean and very durable, composite decking ticks all the boxes and what’s more, it is affordable.

Timber Decking

If it has to be the real thing, you can buy reeded and machined lengths of wood decking and with the right supports, installing is a breeze. Set aside time to check out the decking boards Colchester or your city’s trusted store offers. Once in place, a few coats of polyurethane on your wood decking will act as a sealant, protecting the timber and after a couple of years, sand the deck and recoat with varnish. If you would like to view a range of timbers used for decking, start with a Google search to find a local builder’s merchant and see what they have in stock; order all the fixings and supports at the same time and delivery would likely be free.

Ground Preparation

Unlike stone pavers, decking is fixed to timber supports, which should be located every 2ft; if you’re replacing pavers with decking, you are going to have to remove soil as well as the pavers, then build a timber frame upon which the decking will sit. Materials you will need include:

  • Decking – Order a few extra lengths.
  • Nails – Get 2″, but some people prefer screws.
  • Timber Supports – 2×2 is ample

Make sure you have all the tools you need. You can order any tools or materials from your online builder’s merchant and have everything delivered the day before you start work.

Rustic Look

A timber deck is the perfect backdrop for wicker-resin furniture to create a rustic ambience and with some hanging baskets and a bar in the corner, you have your own slice of paradise in your back garden. There are many shades with timber and composite decking that you can find at a Colchester builders merchant store or at a supplier close to your area, so you can match with the surroundings. Make good use of floor level LED lighting for a stunning effect.

We are expecting a hot summer this year and by transforming your patio with decking, you will be ready for those long weekends and warm summer evenings. Start with a plan, then list the materials you will need and with a single online order, you will be ready to transform your back garden into a rest and relaxation zone for you and your family this summer.

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