7 Simple Steps To Declutter Your Bathroom

7 Simple Steps To Declutter Your Bathroom

The bathroom is that one room in the house that you can design to your liking and we like to have everything within our grasp, which can lead to a lot of products/devices/gadgets, all of which require storage space. If you would like a tidier look to your bathroom, here are a few decluttering tips.

Choose Refill Products

Most personal hygiene product manufacturers have moved into refillable packaging, which makes a lot of sense and is a better alternative to single-use plastic. Shampoo, conditioner, and shower cream can all have their own pump dispenser, which will last for years, or at least until you change your brand.

Do An Inventory Review

A lot of stuff that belongs in other rooms somehow ends up in the bathroom; books, magazines and even clothes need to be put back, which should leave your bathroom looking less busy.

Pump Up The Storage

A visit to the local bathroom store such as the Richmond bathroom shop, if you live near the area, will enable you to choose chic bathroom storage containers. Having lots of storage space is the key to a tidy bathroom and you will find a design that looks like it belongs. Of course, you should have a large towel container/box, aside from the towel racks and let’s not forget bathrobes. 

Wall-Hung Vanity

If you don’t already have a wall-hung vanity, check out the stunning units at your local bathroom store, where you will find everything you need to revamp your bathroom. Using wall-mounted items is ideal if you have a limited-space bathroom and you can have bespoke units made if you have odd shapes. 

Make Good Use Of Vertical Surfaces

The walls can be used in so many ways, such as hanging towels from a stainless-steel hoop. You can even attach a special frame on the wall to hold your hairdryer and electric toothbrush. If you must have music in your bathroom, buy a wet room Bluetooth speaker with suction pads that can be used to locate the unit. 

Tray Organiser

This is perfect for make-up and skincare products, which you use on an almost daily basis; you can choose one with wheels or legs and the range of colours allows you to make some contrasts. Some units are inter-changeable and you can have as many layers as you wish. Search online for novel bathroom storage, and that should lead you to something suitable. 

Install A Shelf In The Shower

Again, wall-mounted solutions are the best way to store shower products. Whatever your style preference, fixing a shower shelf away from the direct water zone is the best way to keep the many products you use in the shower. 

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can change the layout and when looking for bathroom furniture, take a trip to your local bathroom store where you can view a wide range of items in a natural bathroom setting. Rome wasn’t built in a day and as far as the bathroom is concerned, make it a work in progress, adding things as the need becomes apparent.

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