Renovation & Home Improvement – How Different Are They?

Renovation & Home Improvement - How Different Are They?

There’s a lot of talk about home renovation and home improvement. Are they the same thing? What’s the difference? Which one should you do?

Let’s take a look at the definitions of renovation and improvement, see how they differ, and explore when it might make sense to choose one over the other. If you’re thinking about renovating or improving your home, keep reading!

Why people make changes to their homes?

As house hunters, we pay close attention to the market value of homes in our area. That’s because it’s all about buying the house for the lowest possible price and selling it for the maximum possible price.

The better your house shows, the more people will be interested in buying it – which means you’re likely to get a higher sale price. Whether you will be installing new kitchen cabinets, changing the flooring, painting the walls, or adding a swimming pool or patio area with outdoor entertainment, you have to ensure any changes you make should add value to your house and help it look and function better.


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Renovation is the process of making changes to a home’s structure, like adding outdoor structures or knocking down walls. Renovations can also involve changes to the house’s inner structure, like changing the layout of rooms and replacing walls. These types of renovations are expected to increase your house’s value by more than $5000.

When you renovate your house, there are lots of decisions to make. You will have to determine what kind of addition you will have, what sort of house style you want, and how much money should you spend on the house. Renovation is expected to add value – house renovation in this sense refers to house extension and house `knocking down walls` projects. Major house renovation changes like this involve a lot of work and time and the house itself may even be empty during that period.

Home Improvement

Home improvement refers to any project that improves the comfort and quality of living in your home without changing its physical structure. This could be the installation of a new heating system, insulating your house’s walls, changing around some furniture, and could even involve checking out and buying premium guttering in Essex for sale. People around the world find it easier to locate the best suppliers of home improvement products near them with just a quick Google search.

Home improvement refers to house maintenance aspects such as house repainting. Some improvements will add value and some won’t – it all depends on the project and how much you’re willing to spend.

People make house improvements to: personalise their house, increase the comfort level of their house, reduce maintenance work and costs, and make the house easier or more efficient to use. It can be as simple as changing carpets or painting a wall.

The Cost Of Renovations Vs. The Cost Of Home Improvement

Both require you to spend money; the question is, how much?

The amount of money you spend on these projects depends on how many rooms you want to renovate or improve, what type of house style your house has now, what house style you want it to have, and if your house is single-level, two-levels or more. There are also other things you have to decide on. At some point, you will be looking at house underground drainage system supplies Essex or your area has on offer.

If you’re doing all the work yourself, then the cost of house improvement projects will be significantly less than house renovation projects. You’ll be able to do most house improvements for under $5,000.

You’ve probably heard of house extension projects – they’re considered house renovation projects because they involve changing the house’s structure. They require hiring professional contractors and tradespeople to help you with house building and house plumbing.

Home Improvement Or Renovation – Which Is Better For Your House?

Both house improvement and house renovation projects add value to your house in their own way. Home renovation projects generally add more value to a house because you’re changing the house’s structure by adding an extension, knocking down walls or making other changes that improve the house’s quality and functionality. On the other hand, house improvement projects don’t add value in such a direct way. But house painting and other house maintenance aspects contribute directly to the house’s marketability, appearance and salability if you decide to sell it at some point.

House renovation or home improvement? It depends on what changes you’re planning for.

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