Some Things You Need To Consider Before Installing Automatic Gates

Some Things You Need To Consider Before Installing Automatic Gates

When you are considering installing automatic gates to your property, there are many factors you will need to consider before deciding which gates to install. There are many reasons why you may want to add these, such as increasing security or improving the aesthetic qualities of it, but you need to do the job right. Below are some of the various factors you will need to consider helping you make the correct choice and select the best automatic gates for your property.

The Fencing On Your Property 

If your property already has a fence around the perimeter, you will need to ensure that your automatic gates match your fencing. There are three common materials people use for automatic gates, which includes wood, cast iron, and aluminium. You will need to select the material which matches your current fencing and if you do not already have fencing, you need to factor in the cost of the fence when choosing your gates. There are many reputable websites you can visit to get a quote for this.

Off-The-Shelf Designs Or Bespoke Gates? 

You will need to consider whether you want an existing style of gate that is an off-the-shelf option or whether you will need a custom-made design for your property. If the entranceway is an unusual size, you may need to opt for a bespoke automatic driveway gate. With a quick query of “installer of aluminium gates near me” on Google search, you can find a reputable provider and enquire about the prices. However, do take note that prices between custom designs and standard ones are comparable, depending on the material you use.

The Type Of Gates You Can Install 

When it comes to automatic gates for a property, there are three primary styles from which you can choose. You can have a vertical pivot gate, although this is more common in commercial properties. You can also select a sliding or swinging gate, which is more popular for residential properties. Sliding gates are an excellent option when there is limited room on the driveway, but you may wish to consider swinging gates for your property if you have plenty of space.

The Opening Mechanism 

You will also need to decide how you want to open your gates and whether you prefer a remote keypad or remote control you can keep in your vehicle. Either option is an excellent addition to your property, and you can also choose an option that has both remote control and a keypad, so you have the best of both worlds. An intercom on your gates is also a great add on so delivery drivers can call and let you know they have a parcel, and they allow you to push a button in your home to grant them access to your property. Don’t forget to invest in remote controls for all your vehicles so you can always open and close your gates without leaving the car. You will be glad of this come winter when it is cold and wet, and you do not have to get out to open your gates.

Take your time deciding which gates to install on your property and select the style and function you prefer. Doing so will increase your home security and the curb appeal and aesthetic qualities of your home, making it the envy of the neighbourhood.

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