All You Need To Know About Ants

All You Need To Know About Ants

Of the many household pests we have, the ant is the most common and over the millennia, this hardy little insect has evolved into a tough creature that can withstand most things. Millions of ants all have a common goal, which is the well-being of the colony, and there are different roles within the nest. Some lay eggs, while others protect the colony from other insects. 

Main Species Of Ants

While there are more than 100 ant species in Australia, for example, the following are common in homes:

  • Argentine Ant – Does not swarm, but does bite.
  • Black House Ant – Attracted to animal faeces and sweet foods.
  • Bull Ant – Can be red or black. These guys are very aggressive when disturbed.
  • Carpenters Ant – It lives on dead skin and other insects.
  • Flying Ants – These can come from any location and send out scouts to look for new locations.
  • Fire Ant – This specie destroys crops and is very aggressive.
  • Garden Ant – Doesn’t bite and is reasonably placid.
  • Odorous House Ant – It produces a coconut smell when crushed, hence the name.
  • Pavement Ant – This is found near water in the spring and summer.
  • Sugar Ant – Rarely nests in houses.

As you would expect, species have their own set of behaviours and when looking at Sunshine Coast pest control estimate cost or the price of pest control in your city, you will find that the specialists offer their services at reasonable rates. Check online reviews to ensure that you will be hiring a pest control firm that will ensure the 100% extermination of the nest, including the multiple queens that lay the eggs.

Species Identification

When you call in a pest control technician, the first thing they do is identify the species and this enables them to prepare the best form of attack on the colony.

Food Source

In order for a colony of ants to establish itself in your home, there needs to a reliable source of food; a dirty kitchen would do fine! These insects are drawn to sweet materials but will chow down on just about anything. We all know not to leave out sugar, but if you don’t clean under kitchen appliances; this alone is reason enough to attract ants.

Professional Pest Control

In the event you discover ants in your home, rather than applying a home fix, you should call in a pest control expert who has seen it all and can deal with all forms of household pests. It is critical that the treatment reaches the multiple queens that lay eggs and the only way to do that is use a professional pest control company.

We have coexisted with ants since time began and if you notice a line crawling along your floor, this is a sign that they are setting up home in your home. Standing on them only serves to lower their numbers and the queens will work harder to bring the numbers back up. Avoid a DIY fix and call in a local pest control technician who can quickly identify the culprit and prepare the best treatment, and that goes for any other household pest you might encounter in your home.

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