4 Likely Places You Will Find Scrap Metal In Your Home

Where To Find Scrap Metal In Your Home

Everything has value, even a discarded beer can or an old plastic bag. We all are surrounded by items of value that we no longer need. If you are in need of some extra cash, it is quite likely that you’ve got some scrap metal somewhere on your property. In this article, we point out the most likely places where you will find scrap metal of some sort. 


You might be surprised to hear that your bedroom is right up there at the top of the list; namely scrap jewellery that most people have. The word scrap doesn’t do this justice. However, if you have an old gold chain and a few rings that you will never wear again, that is called scrap jewellery and can be worth a lot of money. Of course, we aren’t including family heirlooms or pieces with sentimental value. They should be treasured and passed on to your kids.


That old petrol lawnmower that’s been under the tarp for a few years is most definitely of value as scrap metal. If you have the means, you could take it apart and see what metals you have, although the easiest way is to ask your local scrap metal collection for cash in Sydney to pop round and take it off your hands. Old tools can also be traded in for cash. Old garden furniture and kid’s bikes are all things the scrap dealer will buy.


This is a great place to put something that you don’t really use. Before you know it, you have forgotten all about it. That steel stair gate is no longer needed as the kids have grown and you might bump into your old fishing gear that hasn’t seen you in years. Take a flashlight and the greatest care when walking on the joists and you will probably leave with at least one item.

Spare Room

Old appliances and IT hardware are likely to be found hiding in the spare bedroom. As no one uses it, this room is a favourite place to stash unwanted items. Next time you are passing, take a look at what is in your spare room, and you might be surprised. If you have some copper, Austick Copper Recycling yard in Sydney NSW is the place to contact and they can send someone to pay you top price for your scrap copper. 

Recycling all of your scrap metal (including getting cash for your car in Sydney to trade-in for a healthier model )will reduce your carbon footprint, plus you’ll have a few more dollars to spend on car add-ons or fishing gear. Make sure you search online for the nearest scrap metal yard. They would be happy to pay you a visit and hand you some dollars for your scrap metal. Make it an annual thing and you will be surprised at what you encounter when you search the above locations, and your home will also be de-cluttered in the process.

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