Why Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Pest Control

Why Your Spring Cleaning Should Include Pest Control

We all know how important the annual spring clean is, to keep our living space fresh and clean. However, you might not know that this is also the time to carry out proactive steps to deter the summer pests. Ask any seasoned homeowner and they will tell you that doubling up on tasks is cost-effective. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do when carrying out the annual spring clean. 

Spray Pesticide

This should be done when all of the furniture is out of the room and calling the pest control company is the best way to ensure safe pest protection. Most homeowners have their property checked by a pest control firm and there’s no better time than the spring clean to do this. The professionals use chemicals that are not dangerous and in the right quantity, which is important. An overkill rarely results in success.

Remove Moisture

Moisture is an attraction for pests. Cleaning all the corners, ceiling and floor lines, removing excess dampness is a must. When clearing out the spare room, open the windows and leave the door open to circulate the air, which removes any odour. While there are a few pests that prefer a dry atmosphere, most thrive in moist and humid conditions.

Seal Up Gaps

A good quality masking tape will be the job and removing access is often enough to make mice look for a new home. Any hole or opening that you see should somehow be blocked and when doing the deep clean, you will clearly see any gaps.


Ideally, you are able to get under major appliances like the fridge and cooker, where small particles of food gather, which is an advert for a family of mice, who would likely move in. If you use your local pest control company, they would apply chemicals to prevent the presence of a wide range of pests. You would also now have a nice clean kitchen.

Don’t Forget Outside

Check that there are no food scraps outside the home. If you grow vegetables, make sure you have a firm lid on your compost bin, as this would attract a range of creatures. Old timber could be considered food for many insects and a thorough inspection of the exterior is advised. If there’s old timber, you can book in termite inspections Sunshine Coast companies are offering. They will check for any termite infestation and offer you the right solution.

Limit Storage Space

When you have lots of furniture, a couple of bikes and 3 years of magazines all in the spare room, this provides excellent hiding places and shelter for some insects. There is probably stuff that you are in two minds about keeping, in which case, find another home for them, as this reduces structure that pests can make use of.

As we move into the spring, we are approaching the perfect time to do a thorough clean at home. Employ the above to deter any creature that is looking for a new home.

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